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  • A: When you're ready to explore the truly secret places on Hawaii, there's no better way to do it than on a lazy float down private waterways in an inflatable kayak. Flumin' Kohala takes you along a century-old water delivery system that once fed the island's robust sugar plantations. These waterways wind through lush jungles and across private lands, inaccessible to tourists in any other way. A flume tour is a great way to explore authentic Hawaii and escape the tropical heat for three hours, as you will also travel under waterfalls along the way.
  • A: The Kohala Ditch began life as a natural waterway whose headwaters originate high in the lush Kohala Mountain forests. Over a century ago, sugar farmers built manmade waterways to divert this precious resource to their sugar cane fields below. For over a century, these natural and manmade waterways have delivered crystal-clear, mountain spring water to the valleys below. And although the sugar plantations no longer rely on them, the Kohala Ditch is a fun way to spend a few hours floating down the mountainside, through lush jungles and past sparkling waterfalls. Great for all ages, the tours are a unique way to explore authentic Hawaii.
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