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Get the Most Out of Your Vacation with Appropriate Preparation

Sadly, it's not terribly uncommon to hear people say they need a vacation after their vacation. This statement usually isn't made because the individual had "just too much fun and excitement;" rather, it usually stems from stresses that arose in the travel plans, whether from missed expectations to general logistical hiccups. While some unexpected road bumps may be an inevitable part of travel, there are steps you can take to ensure that your vacation yields the most enjoyment while causing the least amount of stress.

To begin, preparation is key. Let's say that you and your spouse are planning a family vacation in Hawaii. There's so much fun to be had in Hawaii, so it should be easy enough to fill your day with all sorts of enjoyable activities, right? An inexperienced traveler may assume as much, but it's easy to underestimate the value of having a clear plan and doing plenty of research beforehand. But first, make sure that you and the rest of your family have the same ideas.

For example, if the children are expecting zip lining and snorkeling, while the parents are looking forward to cocktails on the beach, conflict is sure to arise. The kids will be nagging about wanting to go "do something," while mom and dad will be begging for some peace and quiet.

One successful approach is to sit down as a family in advance and have each family member create a list of the top three things they'd like to see or do on vacation. Then, you can agree in advance on outings based on the number of days available and the financial resources allotted, so everyone can enter the vacation knowing exactly what to expect.

While conflicting expectations can be one source of stress, logistical snafus can equally diminish the pleasure of a vacation. For example, take a family with three teenagers who are all used to getting ready in the morning in their own bathrooms. When planning your lodging accommodations, it would be wise to weigh out the costs & benefits of getting a suite or multiple rooms given this scenario. It may be more expensive, but worth it to avoid a morning quarrel over a mirror that could dampen the family's mood for the whole day. The goal here is to diminish the likelihood that stresses will arise from avoidable incidents.

Meanwhile, adding small pleasant touches to the vacation is a proactive way to offset these hiccups. For example, you can pre-book a lei greeting at the airport as an easy way to sprinkle a positive memory into your vacation right from the get-go.

Mindfulness, self-relaxation and an ability to enjoy small pleasures can make the difference between a getaway that's full of stress, and one that will help your whole family recharge, refresh and fly home ready to take on work and school with a renewed vigor. Book your stress-free Hawaii vacation at Royal Kona today!