Royal Kona Resort

Luxury Hawaii Vacations

Being in love means never having to say you're sorry. And luxury means never having to feel annoyed, depressed or bored.

We can't guarantee this in every walk of life, but when you're in our care at Royal Kona, the only negative feeling you'll experience is the knowledge that your vacation will eventually end. With a vacation deal from Royal Kona, from the moment you step through the doors of our resort, you will be pampered by our hotel staff and spoiled by the lovely rooms, facilities and just Mother Nature herself.

Our spacious rooms, ranging from 390 to 450 square feet, are appointed in such a simple yet luxuriant natural style, that you'll have trouble deciding whether to sleep on the bed or crash out on the fresh, breezy balcony.

If you do stay indoors at our resort, don't worry - the first thing you'll see when you open your eyes in the morning will be the ocean, ringed by the verdant tropical explosion of Hawaii's plant life.

All-Inclusive Hawaii Vacation Packages & Savings

Dine ocean side at Don the Beachcomber, on our award-winning cuisine while your nose is tickled by the salty ocean breeze.

Luxury Hawaii vacations wouldn't be complete without fun & relaxing activities in a luxurious environment. The Royal Kona Resort provides our vacationers access to beauty makeovers, sports, diving and other activities, and Royal Kona has a well-rounded set of facilities that will take care of all your needs. From tennis courts to work up a sweat, to spas and salons to wash it off; from a private swimming lagoon, to a parlor to get massaged by our expert staff. For a luxury vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii, Royal Kona Resort is second to none.

A day's reservation at Royal Kona is a day's worth of freedom from worry and woe, so go ahead and reserve your luxury Hawaii vacation today!