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Royal Kona Resort Hawaii Wedding Gift Ideas

Hawaii is not just a great location for a wedding because of its natural beauty and plentiful activities - it's also rich with possibilities for beautiful and long-lasting wedding gifts for your spouse, family members and friends.

Elsewhere, we have written about the traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremony and some of the inspiring customs and rituals associated with it. In keeping with the traditional Hawaiian worldview of living in harmony with the world and all its elements, newlyweds sealed their marriage by paying symbolic tribute to the forces of nature that surrounded them, and acknowledged the spirits of sea and land as they were joined in matrimony.

Here are some gift and decoration ideas to draw on as you plan your own Hawaii wedding:

Floral decorations

Hawaii is known for its orchids, and these delightful flowers are a great way to add a natural sophistication to the proceedings. The orchids of Hawaii are so popular that some people mistakenly think that they are our state flower; however, this is not the case.

Hawaii's official flower is, in fact, the Hawaiian Hibiscus (there are several species of hibiscus native to the island, but it's the yellow variety that was chosen as the state flower). You've almost certainly seen it used as a hair adornment in Hawaii. It's not just a look - in island tradition, the flower in the hair has been used to indicate marital status and availability. Married or unavailable women would wear it on the left, while unmarried women would wear it on the right. You can incorporate this practice into your own ceremony, too!

Wedding albums

You will take some spectacular pictures on the Big Island, so it's only fitting that you should have a fine-looking album to put them in. At our island's gift shops, you will be able to find some great hand-crafted photo albums made from local materials such as Koa wood. A genuine printed Hawaiian-style wedding album is something that will not only hold your wedding photos, but can also brighten up any room in your house!


The Pacific Ocean is the source for some of the world's finest and rarest sea jewels - most notably, black pearls and black coral. Tahitian black pearls make for some of the most desired pearl jewelry in the world, with an incomparable luster that can have undertones of many different colors.

The Hawaiian archipelago is where much of the world's black coral is obtained - in fact, it's our state gem. It's rare, because the corals grow very slowly and production is strictly regulated to prevent depletion. Genuine Antipatharian black coral jewelry may be rather expensive, but it makes for a truly jaw-dropping gift for your beloved if you can afford it. These are just some of the great gifts you can find on Hawaii's Big Island - the possibilities are endless! Reserve your Hawaii wedding package today, because you and your beloved deserve only the best!