Royal Kona Resort

Wedding Photography in Hawaii

Few places can match Hawaii for tropical luxury, beauty, and romance. Hawaii has it all - mountains and valleys, peaks and waterfalls, and naturally, some of the best ocean-front views in the Western Hemisphere. This is why our state is such a popular destination for tropical weddings.

A storybook wedding deserves to be immortalized in great-looking photos, and Hawaii's landscapes and seascapes provide a perfect backdrop. All that's left is finding a competent, professional photographer to take advantage of the setting and capture photos that you and your spouse will look at fondly for many years to come.

Wedding photography has come a long way since the early days, particularly since the proliferation of high-resolution digital technology has made taking print-quality pictures virtually cost-free. Everyone has seen vintage wedding photos from the late 19th or early 20th century; back then, a wedding photo would mean a posed studio portrait of the couple in their nuptial finery. As much as one may admire the classic look of a couple in a sepia photograph, by today's standard, these portraits tend to lack dynamism and energy.

Today's society puts much greater value on spontaneity and individuality. Instead of the posed, stern photos of yesteryear, many modern couples seek to be photographed in unguarded moments of joy and revelry; moreover, the recent spate of viral images and videos of clever twists on the traditional wedding have encouraged couples to try and create moments that are vibrant, memorable and unique.

This is why it's so important to have an experienced photographer on the premises. So much of great photography comes down to pressing the shutter release at exactly the right time to capture a fleeting image, a tableau vivant that lasts for a split second; a true artist of photography has something akin to a sixth sense that anticipates these moments and preserves them.

Fortunately, Kailua-Kona abounds in experienced and talented wedding photographers, so finding one for your ceremony will be no trouble at all. In fact, some of Royal Kona's wedding packages include 2 and more hours of photography for your wedding, with online proofing and a number of high-quality prints included in the cost.

For wedding ceremonies held at Royal Kona, we require all vendors to be hired through our resort, in order to guarantee a high standard of quality and service. If you've chosen a wedding package that includes photography, you're all set - we will take care of the rest. If your package doesn't include a photographer's services, talk to our friendly wedding planner about hiring a local professional.

With Hawaii wedding photography at Royal Kona, your wedding will look great from any angle!