Royal Kona Resort

Hawaii: One of the World's Top Honeymoon Destinations

Fodor's knows travel, and so it is no surprise that Hawaii is named amongst the most popular honeymoon destinations. As Fodor's puts it, "Hawaii never goes out of style." Whether a couple is drawn to the inherent beauty of the natural surroundings or the welcoming Hawaiian people and their culture, honeymooning in Hawaii is a surefire win. Hawaii ranks as the number one state for "least stress" and "most enjoyment" according to Gallup's Well-Being Poll. If you can't live there, you might as well honeymoon there.

Some of the historical roots of the honeymoon tradition may go against our modern sensibilities: in ancient times, the honeymoon was an occasion when a man would literally abduct the woman he wanted to marry, and keep her until her family stopped looking for her. This is obviously not what honeymooning is today, (even though for many of us, being "abducted" to Hawaii might not sound too bad). Hawaii is one of those unique destinations where the experience can really take so many different shapes and forms. For example, one newly married couple might be perfectly happy spending their days relaxing on the beach with the warm breeze in their hair and a cold drink in their hands. Another couple might find joy in exploring the backcountry and socializing with the locals. If activities such as golfing and whale watching top the list of your interests, that can be arranged as well. The point is, regardless of individual preference, Hawaii never leaves its visitors unsatisfied.

Another reason for the overwhelming success of Hawaii as a honeymoon location might be the general ease of travel. Hawaii brings you the best of international travel - remoteness, privacy, adventure and and exoticism - without the confusion of dealing with foreign languages or the headaches of currency exchange and unfamiliar prices. 2000 miles of ocean between Hawaii and the Mainland, but there is something else that encourages relaxation and peace of mind. How can you go wrong with a place that greets you with a traditional fresh flower lei right at the airport?

If there is ever a time to experience a warm «aloha» greeting, the honeymoon is nothing short of ideal. The entire Royal Kona Resort experience leaves travelers wondering if it's the way the air smells or the feeling of warm sand that exudes tranquility and majesty in such a graceful place. From sunrise to sunset, there truly is no better location from which to celebrate the start of a long and prosperous marriage.