Royal Kona Resort

Hawaii Honeymoons at Royal Kona Resort

In our article on weddings on Hawaii, we talked about all the ways that the Royal Kona Resort makes for a perfect wedding location.

However, don't be in a hurry to leave after you've tied the knot - our Resort is also a great place to spend your honeymoon. Honestly, the hardest part is deciding on where to go and what to do with all of the possibilities laid out before you.

Hawaii is an active person's paradise; the plethora of attractions available to the sporty, outdoorsy or nature-loving couple is truly dazzling. From diving, surfing and deep sea fishing to swimming with dolphins and whale watching. At night, you can go snorkeling with manta rays for a truly otherworldly experience.

On land, you can go for a drive around our spectacular highways or go hiking, ziplining, and even horseback riding. Watching the sunset from a mountain top is another unforgettable experience.

If you want to get far from the crowds and bustle, there are a number of secluded, romantic spots that newlyweds can journey to if they want to be alone with nature. Places like Waipio Valley or Akaka Falls. The Waipio Valley is a breathtaking area in Hawaii which is steeped in years of history and royalty. Waipio Valley was the capital and permanent residence of many early Hawaiian kings. The valley floor is located almost 2,000 feet below the surrounding terrain, which is ringed with several waterfalls which flow down and feed into the river which runs through the valley and in turn runs out into the ocean.

And if Waipio Valley has not fully quenched your thirst for beauty and waterfalls, then why not spend a day exploring Akaka Falls State Park. The state park gets its name from Akaka Falls, a spectacular 422ft tall waterfall. The area of the park accessible to visitors is located on the right shoulder of the gorge that Akaka Falls flows into. The falls are also visible at certain points from a shaded trail which loops throughout the park.

When you've finished exploring some of the most beautiful and breathtaking spots that Hawaii has to offer, why not enjoy a romantic evening hosted by our fantastic staff? For couples that want to experience a truly special time, we offer private sunset dinners with expert butler service and a skilled Hawaiian musician.

We have vacation packages for various durations and budgets; the Royal Experience Hawaii honeymoon package even includes a luau for two. Between the sumptuous feast, artistic performances and traditional Hawaiian music, you and your spouse can spend an evening treated like Pacific royalty.

Speaking of food - among romantic foods and natural aphrodisiacs, a good number come from the sea. Shellfish have always been seen as having a strong stimulating effect, and it's not just a myth brought on by their suggestive shape.

Tuna is also a great choice for date night - it's invigorating and light, and guess where you can get some of the freshest, choicest ahi tuna in the world? If you answered "Hawaii", we agree and invite you to treat yourself and your significant other. Finally, for dessert, you can have sumptuous local chocolate, flavored with island-grown herbs and spices.

Reserve your all inclusive Hawaii honeymoon packages at Royal Kona - it's a fabulous way to start married life!