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5 Helpful Tips for Hawaii Destination Wedding Planning

A Big Island destination wedding is the best way to start your marriage surrounded both by man-made luxury and natural beauty. Many couples dream of making their weddings special in every way, and there's no better place than Hawaii to combine sightseeing, gorgeous weather, fine foods and romance in several dizzying days of fun.

Nonetheless, an event where the guests need to take days off from work and secure air fare and lodging can be a challenge to plan, which is why destination weddings benefit from careful preparation and smart shopping.

Royal Kona Resort on the Big Island has long played host to wedding getaways, and we know just how to make your Hawaii wedding beautiful and special. Our friendly and helpful staff will help you plan the best possible experience for yourself, your significant other and all your guests.

Here are some tips to help you plan if you decide to tie the knot in Hawaii:

1. Decide your venue in advance and make sure to reserve it for your wedding date. If you have chosen Royal Kona for your wedding, you're in luck - we have four different wedding venues, targeted at different budgets and party size; but all of them face the ocean, and since Kailua-Kona is on the Western side of the island, you can have a bona fide Hawaiian sunset wedding. One of the wedding spots even sits on our Resort's own private cove, which used to be home to members of Hawaii's royalty in centuries past.

2. An outdoor oceanfront wedding is ideal, but sometimes weather mars your plans. Make sure you have a Plan B in case of overcast weather or rain - you can rent a party canopy to keep everyone dry, or move the ceremony indoors!

3. Make plans as early as possible, and let everyone know as far in advance as you can. Attending a wedding is a task that involves time and money, and a destination wedding - doubly so. Giving guests a year or even more to plan the trip will let them reconcile it with their work and family needs. Try to find good deals on air fare for your family and friends; buying tickets in bulk may help you save money, so be sure to coordinate trips with your guests.

4. Any trip to Hawaii is an opportunity to relax, and most guests at destination weddings don't fly back to the mainland right after the ceremony - many parties choose to stay for several nights and enjoy themselves. Keep this in mind and think of ways to entertain your relatives and friends on the island before and after the wedding. It can be fun to schedule optional outings or sightseeing trips that would provide structured activities while leaving guests free to pursue their own interests if they desire.

5. Know exactly what wedding staff you will need, and make sure they're available and booked! Royal Kona provides an extensive menu of wedding staff services, such as DJs, live bands, emcees, entertainers, catering and recording; our staff will give you solid recommendations for local wedding businesses and professionals.

A destination wedding can be one of the most memorable days of your life, followed by an equally scintillating honeymoon! If you start planning early and look for smart values, you will be able to hold a great blow-out on a reasonable budget. We have plenty of great deals on our website, and you can contact Royal Kona for more information - book your Hawaii destination wedding today!