Royal Kona Resort

Finding Hawaiian Activities is a Breeze

When planning a vacation it's important to consider all factors before deciding on where to go, how long to go for, where to stay, and all of the details that comprise a good vacation. An important thing to consider is how you will spend your time for the entirety of your vacation. For example, going to see the beautiful and scenic Mt. Rushmore is on quite a few vacationers' bucket lists, but other than the national monument, there may not be many activities in the area to keep you and the family busy for a whole week.

The Hawaiian Islands are packed full of excitement and fun, and there is no shortage of Hawaii activities to go around. While some may plan for a Hawaiian vacation to see the sand and sea, others may be more interested in an adventurous island getaway.

The Big Island is definitely one of the most interesting of the Hawaiian Islands. The majority of the volcanoes located in Hawaii are here, and those interested in adventure and education flock here for the unique experience of seeing a volcano up close. The Big Island's coastline can be quite rocky in many places; however, there are beaches to visit that epitomize the classic idea of the Hawaiian coast. Those guests that are worried about not having enough time in the sand and sea can rest easy and relax at the resort's private swimming lagoon.

In addition to the saltwater lagoon, there is also a private swimming pool for guests to enjoy. Other onsite activities at the Royal Kona Resort include the Royal Kona Tennis Club, which is ideal for players of all skill levels and ages, and the spa center at the Royal Kona. Let's be honest - an important part of any vacation is relaxation time, so come and enjoy a nice massage and be pampered for a few hours. The Royal Kona also has an onsite luau for guests of all ages, and an in-house fitness center, so you can work out during your stay here.

For activities outside of the resort, there is an activities desk that guests can visit to help plan their day or week. Guests can also contact the resort prior to booking or prior to arrival to see what local activities may be going on during the time of their visit. Hawaii activities vary widely, but there is always a myriad of different cultural activities going on, such as local arts shows and live Hawaiian music.

However, some activities are not seasonal, such as the Big Island volcano activity that vacationers love to see. In the middle of Hawaii Volcanoes State Park is the Thurston Lava Tube. This "lava tube" is actually a 300-foot long lava cave, formed by settling lava over eons of time. It is possible to take a walk through the tube to get a glimpse of lava geology up close - an experience you simply can't get on the mainland United States. Although the cave is lit, it's a great idea to bring your own flashlight to better observe the lava on the ceilings of the cave. This lava tube is also an excellent idea for family vacations - kids simply love the tube and all of the Hawaii Volcanoes State Park.

To bring all of the magic and mystique of Hawaii to your life, book your next vacation, getaway, or excursion at the Royal Kona Resort. We want you to make memories that will last a lifetime.