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What You Can Do In Kailua Kona

The town of Kailua rests in the middle of the Big Island's Western face; it's referred to as Kailua-Kona to distinguish it from a much larger town by the same name that lies on Oahu. (When traveling, double-check that you have reserved a trip to the correct Kailua!) The town is part of Hawaii's North Kona district - the namesake of the famous coffee.

The town came into existence at the beginning of the 19th Century, when King Kamehameha I unified all the Hawaiian islands in the new Kingdom of Hawaii. He chose Kailua for his seat, and built a palace complex there. From these royal auspicious beginnings our Royal Kona Resort draws its name.

After the days of the monarchy came to a close, Kailua spent the next century as a quiet fishing village, until a boom in visitors and commerce remade the area into West Hawaii's tourist and economic nerve center.

Despite being an active vacation and shopping hub, Kailua-Kona shows the ocean a rocky face. There's barely any place for miles to dip a toe into the water - except at our resort, which boasts an exclusive private sandy beach area that descends into a shallow salt-water snorkeling lagoon. You can feel the surf in the water and see it crash against over the protective rocks, without ever facing the brunt of it.

Our Resort has so much to do that you could spend days trying out all the attractions - tennis courts and a pro shop for active visitors; pools and a swimming cove for the aquatic; conference rooms for those on business; a spa for the luxuriate and a coconut grove with a traditional imu underground oven, for anyone wishing to taste and see the fabulous colors of a luau performance and feast.

Our grounds are also home to the famous (and family-friendly) Don the Beachcomber restaurant.

If you would like to venture out, shopping in town is varied and plentiful, from well-known establishments like Hilo Hattie to surprising tiny troves of gifts like Pueo Boutique or Kona Natural Soap Company.

Ali'i Sunset Plaza is only a block or two away from the resort, housing several dining options as well as other businesses, including a cooperative art gallery and crafts store - Kailua Village Artists.

You will also find the luxury Maui Divers Jewelry, a precious jeweler that offers stunning lines of Tahitian pearl and black coral jewelry.

These are only a few of the enchanting shops you will find in the bustling Kailua shopping district!

The Surrounding Area

As we mentioned, the Kona district produces a large quantity of coffee, grown at hundreds of different plantations - and you can see some of them from Kailua, rows of green shrubs going up the gentle slopes of Hualalai as it rises into the fog.

On the ocean side, there is nothing but the endless Pacific. While many locations on Hawaii afford a view of other islands in the chain, the Kailua coast looks out on a perfect textured mirror to the horizon. At Royal Kona, your oceanfront room balcony will be looking out right onto the sunset, for evenings with tropical drinks.

If you want a change from our lagoon, you can rent diving gear and go on one of many snorkeling excursions and cruises that can take you to a variety of different ocean spots; whether you're happy diving deep and chancing to brush against a whale, or prefer shallow reef snorkeling among the well-lit and colorful diversity of the shores, you will find a diving experience to your satisfaction.

Some adventurous visitors even go for night dives, and report of fishes and fantastic glowing creatures.

These and many other attractions are minutes away from your room at Royal Kona Resort. Reserve your Kailua family vacation today!