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Combine Your Hawaii Destination Wedding and Honeymoon at Royal Kona Resort

Combine your Hawaii destination wedding with a romantic Hawaii honeymoon!

Nobody is immune to the appeal of a destination wedding, and the appeal is growing every year - American couples are increasingly choosing to get married in a far-away location. A survey found that in 2012, as many as a quarter of all newlywed couples opted for a destination wedding, up from one fifth in 2008.

This is not surprising - sophisticated consumers are more interested than ever in doing things that are original and different, pursuing new experiences and seeking to put a personal touch on meaningful events in their lives.

This is why Royal Kona Resort goes to such lengths to welcome marrying couples to its luxury ocean view rooms, with oceanfront wedding venues at our guests' disposal. And if you are thinking of holding your wedding at Royal Kona, consider staying here for your honeymoon as well! After all, you're already in the best vacation spot!

There are quite a few advantages to holding your wedding and staying on for your honeymoon as part of one trip.

First off, Hawaii is simply the best place for both. The Big Island and the other islands have a plethora of attractions for marrying couples, and plenty of businesses that will see your plans to fruition and fulfill your every whim. Our Resort staff will help you organize your wedding, and find any local wedding services professionals that you may need. After the wedding bells have rung, Hawaii is also the best place for a young couple to have fun and go on a huge variety of outings - on the ocean and on land.

A combined destination wedding and honeymoon can also be a great value. In addition to saving on plane tickets, you may also be able to find great Hawaii wedding or honeymoon package deals that save you even more money. Don't forget to shop for group deals if you're flying together with family or visitors - you may even be able to bargain for extra savings by haggling with the airline phone agent. Royal Kona Resort offers great values to marrying couples and honeymooners alike - to see our current package deals, click through to our Wedding and Honeymoon specials pages.

Another great thing about getting hitched on Hawaii is that you won't need to go through any of the hassle and paperwork that comes with sealing official documents abroad. Instead of spending days trying to translate documents in a foreign legal system, you can get all the paperwork settled quickly and get on with your Hawaii honeymoon!

As we mentioned, you will find plenty to do - if hiking, sailing or driving around the Big Island isn't enough, you can even charter a small plane and go island-hopping. You will not only be able to get around quickly and take in the flavors of Hawaii's unique islands - you will also get a great bird's-eye-view tour of Hawaii, and that's a marvelous outing on its own.

These are just some of the many reasons you should choose Royal Kona Resort on the Big Island for a combined Hawaii destination wedding and honeymoon! Order your packages today and give yourself plenty of time to organize a fun and memorable wedding trip!