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  • A: A visit to the Ocean Rider Seahorse Aqua Farms is a chance for you to escape the well-trodden tourist paths of the Big Island, and experience something totally different. Each tour introduces you to the world of the ocean's smallest creatures - seahorses and sea dragons. Besides being the only place in the islands (or anywhere, maybe) where you can actually hold a seahorse, you'll also get to observe pregnant males and learn about the environmental challenges facing these tiny critters. There's also a tide pool for the little ones to explore, and you can all feed the tropical fish, too.
  • A: The main purpose of Ocean Rider is to protect and preserve the natural seahorse populations in oceans around the world. They began breeding captive seahorse and sea dragon populations to provide a resource for home aquariums and prevent the harvesting of wild seahorses. So when you take your tour, you will see more than 36 different species of seahorses and sea dragons. Besides the leaf and weedy sea dragon, you can also observe many different seahorses including, Hawaiian, mustangs, sunfire, yellow Brazileros, fire red, pinto, zulu-lulu, spikeys and even pixies, one of the world's tiniest seahorses.
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