Royal Kona Resort

Hawaii: A Videographer's Paradise

It's hard to think of a more photogenic (and telegenic) place in the world than Hawaii. Between the mountains, forests, cliffs, endless flat ocean, spectacular sunsets and interesting wildlife, the islands are truly the filmmaker's and the videographer's dream.

Hollywood has long been keen on the natural wonders of Hawaii, with dozens of movies being set on the islands throughout the decades. In fact, during the production of sci-fi blockbuster Avatar, many of the cast and crew were sent to the Hawaiian rainforests, in order to revel in their splendor and get the true idea of the opulence of a tropical forest, as a model for the lush fantasy world of the movie.

There are many other industries that either film in Hawaii, or use stunning stock footage of the islands to add visual appeal to their materials. More commercials have been set against the backdrop of the setting Pacific sun than there are grains of sand on Kahaluu Beach. Corporate presentations and training materials have made frequent use of the surf and the swaying palm tree, as well.

Hawaii holds great appeal to the individual amateur filmmaker, as well. The red light will never go off on your camera, as you try to capture the full magnificence of the Hawaiian ocean front for the future. Whether you are sporting a professional-grade camera or taking quick videos on your phone, immortalizing your family fun will warm you long after you've bid goodbye to our Kona resort and the sun of Hawaii is no longer caressing your skin.