Royal Kona Resort

State Parks and Trails of Kailua-Kona on the Big Island

Prior to coming to Hawaii, potential vacationers may worry that travelling to the Hawaiian Islands is too expensive. It can be - but it can be expensive to travel anywhere without proper research and lack of planning. If you take a look at some of the all inclusive Hawaii vacation packages that are offered, you'll find that, with the right amount of planning and selecting the perfect vacation package, you are able to travel to Hawaii at the same cost it would take to travel within the mainland.

Resorts such as the Royal Kona Resort offer a wealth of different packages to suit all needs. Whether you are coming for a romantic getaway, a honeymoon, or a family vacation, there's something for everyone. There are even deep discounts involved when planning a destination wedding or honeymoon on the island of Hawaii. Some packages include airfare, rental car, and some meals, or you are able to mix and match between the two. All inclusive Hawaii vacation packages change seasonally, so checking often is a plus.

The Royal Kona Resort also offers several vacation packages that are permanent fixtures, such as the Royal Experience and the Spirit of Aloha. With the Royal Experience, guests are invited to stay five nights at the resort with an ocean view room, and enjoy a complimentary luau, and complimentary daily breakfast buffet. The Spirit of Aloha offers guests a discounted room, rental car, and daily breakfast buffet.

Potential travelers may also worry that there are not enough things to do on the Big Island. Different from other islands, the Big Island is not known for its white, sandy beaches, but more for a rocky coastline. However, some of the mystique of the Big Island is contained on that rocky coastline. Great for hikers, some of the state parks on Hawaii are the best in the country. In Hawaii Volcanoes State Park, for instance, you can get up close and personal with an active volcano (with guided supervision, of course!). Those worried about not having a beach to visit should know that there are beaches where swimming and surfing is everything you could hope for - and the Royal Kona Resort has a private swimming lagoon for its guests only.

The Big Island is also home to one of the most unique aquariums in America. Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm is home to 20,000 different sea horses and is the only known aquarium where you can "pet" a seahorse. The petting tanks are terrific for those that are on a family vacation, as kids absolutely love this aquarium. Occasionally, Hawaii does have rain, and going to an aquarium or other indoor activity is a great idea during your Hawaiian family vacation if one of those rainy days happens to occur on your vacation. Because most all inclusive Hawaii vacation packages include a rental car, you are able to easily get from place to place on the island, no matter the weather.

The Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm has much more than seahorses, and it's easy to spend an entire day here. Vacationers can also enjoy a complete tour of the farm, and take in all the wonders of marine life, including invertebrates and algae.

Book your next getaway, romantic excursion, or family vacation at the Royal Kona Resort. We have the best in all inclusive Hawaii vacation packages, and we assure you that staying at our resort offers memories that will last a lifetime.